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Asset Management

Our expertise and thorough knowledge in Banking and IT securities, provides you great oppertunities:
> Simple, yet sophisticated Banking
> Asset Trading
> Debt-free financing

More freedom with
Cash and Asset management

When we take over management of your cash and financial assets,
management will be simpler for you

'Light' regulation

FT Asset Management has Licenses under the Anti-Money Laundering Act and not with the strict regulations of conventional banks. That gives us more time to spend with our clients.

No ECB Involvement

FT Asset Management's home base is Sweden, which is not registered with the European Central Bank (ECB). Yet, Sweden is a stable and growning ecomomy.

Not a bank

Since we are not a bank but an Asset Management company, we can focus our energy on you and not on regulations

No taxes

We do not have to pay taxes for the funds we hold under management


We are financing gold business with FT Asset Management.  They are great people to work with in a corporative and transparent way.  Because of their knowledge we feel that 1 plus 1 is more then 2.  

Nevada Mining Resources, Hong KongJimmy Trikeriotis, CEO - A Valued Customer

Tax planning

We do not have to pay taxes for funds we hold under management.

With our wide and deep network, we can assist you to setup an tax friendly and future proof business solutions.


Making more money

We can use your cash or bankable assets
to generate more money.
Our specialist are glad to structure a well fitting bespoke solution for you.

Next step

If you like more information or want to start as quick as possible, please send us an email and we will answer within one business day.

We can provide the best solution quickly, if you include your goal setting or requirements in your email.

Our email address is:

You can also reach us via
Telephone: +46 8 50 541 351
Fax: +46 8 52 503 825 


Frejgatan 13-1478, 1 14 79
Stockholm, Sweden


T:     +46 8 50 541 351 
Fax: +46 8 52 503 825


Registration: 969777-7549
LEI: 533551613144957922