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Buy a company

without using your money?

FT Asset Management (Sweden, can provide you with the capital needed to buy/take over a company, without creating more debt and without using your capital.

We specialise in projects with a financing need between 25 Million and 250 Billion Euro/US Dollar or equivalent.

Even when you are still in a planning phase, we can assist, of course under a confidentiality agreement.

Regularly, you go to a bank or financier to finance the new project. They approve your project within the next two weeks and tell you if you can borrow that capital. Now, if approved, your company has more debt that needs to be paid off.

Your company has a much better chance to become profitable without the need to pay off the debt.

Our way of working is, to generate the funds before you spend it.

We will use start-up capital to implement buy-sell transactions to generate profits.
These profits will be used to finance your acquisition.
In our structure, you do not have to pay afterwards. With us, you pay before. The payment can consist of one of two parts:

1. We use capital that you provide to form the basis of our buy-sell transactions. The amount of money you make available and the amount required will determine the timeline.

2. We bring in the capital. In this case, you pay for the running- and consultancy fees (up to 30.000-75.000 euro) and find an accepting bank, which will accept what we can send.

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