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A company in Israel wants to spend more money on research and development to develop a new cutting-edge product.

Once the product is completed, and in the market, it can change the future of the entire company.

Understandably the company does not want to attract too much attention.

They could have contacted one of the (big) banks, but they liked a more personal touch.
They contact us, and we sign a confidentiality agreement. We never share any details about clients. However, this agreements underlines that even more.

The CEO of the company estimates that they need about 10 Million Euro equal for this new project.

In the process they allowed us to use 1Million Euro to start the fundraising process.
We use this money to implement non-depleting managed buy-sell transactions. The profits of these transactions will be used for the research and development project. We will keep in implementing transactions until the financing has been completed.

The timeline is between 5 to 9 months.
non-depleting means that we know the buyer and seller of the products and we have signed agreements with them before implementation.

Also, we have a backup buyer ready that will buy would the first buyer fail. This backup buyer knows his place.

The primary buyer and backup buyer will swap places in the next transaction. For large- or high-risk transactions or transactions where we doubt one of the buyers, we have a second backup buyer. All have been financially checked and are capable.

Managed means that we have signed contracts with both buyer(s) and seller(s) for this transaction. We will strive for a longer term contract, like for a year or multiple years.

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