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Introduction to

debt-free financing.

Say you want to start a new project in your company; a new R&D project, acquire a company, buy a new building or something luxurious, maybe a yacht to kick back, relax and hold team meetings.

The common solution is to go to your bank and discuss the idea with them. Maybe they will work with you and provide you with the capital needed.
Maybe they will not work with you. Does that stop your ideas, your concepts, your future growth?

Many business people say, money in the market is cheap. That could be so, because most West European or American banks will borrow under 5% interest rate per year, given the correct proposal.

Imagine, your new project does not evolve as you planned, the project delayed, costs are higher, you do not have as many clients as you thought.

Most companies do not go bankrupt because of bad management or lack of passion, but because the results were not in line with the expectations. This gives a problem with paying off the interest and the loan.

Would it be more comfortable to have the cash before you start?

This is our specialisation. We make sure your project will get the money it needs when it needs it.

We do that by buying and selling. We all know there is money made in trade.

We make sure that we know the seller and have signed contracts

Also, we have a capable buyer ready and for bigger transactions, we may even have a backup buyer ready. We call this ‘a managed trade’.

This will be implemented as many times as needed to finance your project.

One last step: the start point.

We need capital to buy the products before we can sell it.

This capital can be brought in by you. If you have capital available but do not want to use it for you project. In our case, it has a much shorter time commitment; not years, but maybe months.

We can also place our capital. In that case we require you to find an accepting bank or financial entity.

In short:
We will place our capital or we will use your capital; we will do the trading. No repay or pay interest payment needed; all debt free.

We will do everything for you; free to charge, only pay for the SWIFT fees. This shows that you are serious and have prepared the transaction.
Your project will be financed by us entirely.

What more can you ask for? A project financed without any capital placed and any repayment. Next to that, we have no political binding, no bank binding, or anything like that. Can you imagine a better dream scenario! On top of all that, we all make serious money, AFTER the work has been done.

‘All’ we ask is that the project has an accepting bank ready or introduce us to your bank.

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