Our Most Popular Instruments 

Below you will find our selection of capital transportation instruments.
Next to each instrument are others on request. 

Please note: only account holders can sign our contracts. 
  Delivery method
Delivered service Email Telex  DHL Courier  SWIFT
Proof of Funds (sample)/
Bank Confirmation Letter (sample)
send an email send an email send an email send an email
Standby Letter of Credit (sample)   Contract Contract Contract
Standby Letter of Credit with AAA insurance (sample)
That makes the SBLC a AAA instrument
  Contract Contract Contract
Cash Transfer, One Way (sample) Contract Contract Contract Contract

Other contracts

For investment between 1-50Million EUR/USD
Expected Return On Investment 15%
the agreementexplanation
Correspondent accounts:
receiving bank and we (FTAM) open an account for each other,
FTAM places the agreed amount in that FTAM account.
The receiving bank reflects that money and will do business with that. 
the agreementLetter of Intent (LOI)
Fee agreement (IMFPA)the Fee agreement 


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