Asset Management

The FT Asset Management Advantage

At FT Asset Management our expertise and thorough knowledge of banking, IT securities and financial management helps simplify your asset management and administration. We strive to be responsible managers of our clients’ assets by seeking solid investment returns from a portfolio of buyers and sellers that contribute to and benefit from global economic growth.

Whether you are interested in a custodian to manage your wealth portfolio or seeking new investment opportunities for higher returns – or both – FT Asset Management can help you.

As financial managers, rather than a bank, we are are not tied to the European Banking System giving you and your assets more freedom and flexibility. Being located in Sweden offers our client attractive tax advantages that equate to more in your portfolio.

We also offer tax planning services through our large international network of tax professional who can assist in setting up tax-friendly and future-proof business solutions.

When we take over management of your cash and financial assets, we help make your life simpler and easier. 

Next Step

For more information on how to start with FT Asset Management’s financial management and planning services, please send us an email introducing yourself, your goals, requirements and any other important information.

Within one business day one of our experts will be in contact to begin working on an individually-tailored plan for your and your goals.

We look forward to hearing from you and help you reach your business and financial goals.

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