FT Asset Management

Cash Asset Management and Debt-Free Financing from Sweden since 2015

I have travelled far and wide. FT Asset Management is always behind me to support our new business ventures. Once all the preparations are done on our end, they will provide financing, fitting to our need.

Gabriel Ortiz, CEO
Atica North America, LLC, Florida USA

Debt-Free Financing

Together With You

You believe in your business, but sometimes getting a bank to believe in it is challenging. With FT Asset Management, we believe not only in your business but we believe in your plans and goals for your business. We work closely with you and your project, tailoring our service to your specific objectives.

Debt-Free Financing

Financing without acquiring new debt?

FT Asset Management works with the global financial community to find creative ways of transferring capital and goods in transparent and ethical methods that are beneficial to all parties included.

No Project is Too Big

All projects are different and have special requirements - especially when it comes to funding large or enterprise-sized projects. The larger the project, the more challenging and expensive traditional bank-based financing becomes. Not with FT Asset Management. Given the right amount of time, there’s almost no limit to the funds that can be provided.

Residential Area

Let’s use the following scenario as an example:

A city is developing a new residential area including a train station and other municipal services. The entire project is estimated to cost 100 million euros. The city has 50 million euros and will need another 50 million euros to complete the project.

For the additional 50 million euros, the city would have to either raise taxes, borrow the money from a bank, or a combination of the two. Any of these solutions would create an unnecessary financial burden on the city, its residents and businesses - not to mention, higher taxes would make living there less attractive for new residents.

Enter option number three: FT Asset Management can take over the financing of the project without creating more debt and keeping the city from having to raise taxes unnecessarily. 

We are implementing many opportunities in partnership with FT Asset Management, for real estate as well as other areas. They communicate in an open and transparent manner. Financing is available for business we have prepared.

HRH Jermaine D.E. Campbell, CEO
CJ Architecture, Staffordshire UK

Asset Management

Light Regulations

FT Asset Management is not a bank and therefore is not bound by tight banking regulations that come with traditional bank financing. Being registered in Sweden and outside the European Central Bank (ECB) gives us more flexibility and provides you with more freedom for your business and project plans.

Safe and Secure

Licensed under the Anti-Laundering Act ensures all transactions are transparent and correct. Being based in Sweden with its stable and growing economy assures your assets are safe and secure with FT Asset Management.

Tax-Friendly Solutions

Assets held with FT Asset Management are not subjected to taxes. With our broad network we can help you set up tax-friendly and future-proof solutions for your personal or business asset portfolio.

We are financing gold business with FT Asset Management. They are great people to work with in a cooperative and transparent way. Because of their knowledge we feel that 1 plus 1 is more than 2.

Jimmy Trikeriotis, CEO
Nevada Mining Resources, Hong Kong 


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