Next Steps to Debt-Free Financing

Please check below if your organization or company meets the three requirements below to start the Debt-Free Financing journey.


My organization or company is in need of capital financing of 10 million euros or more.


I am the responsible stakeholder for the project.


I have a general business plan for the project.

Now that you met the above requirements, we welcome you to take the next steps

In order for us to begin structuring a suitable solution to begin financing of your project, the following steps must be completed: 


Initial Contact

The fastest and easiest way to contact us is via email. Please send us an email with the following information:

a. The capital requirements for your organization’s or company’s project.

b. The project’s business plan including executive summary, expected profits and planned timeline. High-level business plans are suitable as long as it contains these details.

c. Customer Information Sheet (CIS) with the entity’s name, address, your name as the end-responsible party for the project, any additional stakeholders and their contact details

Please note: the lead decision maker for the project should be the party contacting FT Asset Management.

d. Signed and dated rate schedule, understanding that costs involved in issuing a bank instrument are required prior to issuance. This form may be downloaded from here:


Review of Project Proposal

After receiving the above information, we will review your correspondence for completeness and begin planning suitable solutions for your project.

One of our expert consultants will contact you and together with you, begin to structure the best solutions for your project. 


Bank Instrument Determined

In consultation with your and your financial institution (if necessary or requested), we will determine the best bank instrument to issue.


Contract Selection

You and your personal FT Asset Management consultant will select the most suitable contract to be signed by both parties. 


Contract Executed

Once the contract is signed, we will issue the invoice for payment. (See pricing table)


Instrument Deposited

The bank instrument is deposited in your financial institution and serves as the basis for trading by FT Asset Management.  


Start of Project Financing

In cooperation with you and your financial institution, we will begin using your capital for our buy/trade transactions.

The profits from these trades will be used to fund your project, as well as continued buy/trade transactions as need to fund the entire project. 

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