We offer a safe investment for 1-50 Million Euro with an expected return of 20% or more per annum. This page explains it

About our Logo

The designers statement

If you put a single color on the logo, you'll see the initials FTAM which are faint but very sensible.
FTAM is FT Asset Management, the perfect logo for corporate purposes as well as a strong corporate identity.

So it can be interpreted that FTAM + Gold Asset + Swedish identity = a strong identity logo for your company

The FT symbol in gold forms the symbol "G = Gold" and the faint shape with the letter A as "A = Asset"
so the symbol of FT = Gold asset


Tel: +46 8 50 541 351
Fax: +46 8 52 503 825


Frejgatan 13-1478, 1 14 79
Stockholm, Sweden


Registration: 969777-7549
LEI: 533551613144957922