We offer a safe investment for 1-50 Million Euro with an expected return of 20% or more per annum. This page explains it

Structured Investment oppertunity.

We offer a safe investment for 1-50 Million Euro with an expected return of 20% or more per annum.

This page explains it.



On this page, we will explain our Structured Investment opportunity.
We can start with a cash investment of 1 to 50Million Euro or equal in other currencies.
The Expected Returns on Investments is 20% per annum (year) or more.
A top bank instrument secures the investment. 


From 1 (One) Million Euro
Maximum 50 (Fifity) Million Euro.

Expected Returns on Investments

20% or more per annum (year).

Payments can be done per month or per week.

Payout of Returns

Payout could start within 2-3 weeks.

Optimize Your

We provide the complete solution

This structured investment provides all under one roof

Step 1

The client (you) and FT Asset Management (us) agree on all details
and sign the contract.

Use this link to download our draft contract and start the process:

Step 2

The invested capital is transferred to a regulated escrow company in Germany.
That means that your money is safe and cannot be taken out by us or anybody else.
The escrow company holds the funds until step 3 is completed.
If we do not complete the next step in time,
the escrow company returns the money.

Step 3

We will provide you with a top bank instrument as a guarantee.
That could be a Medium Term Note from Raiffeisen Bank in Vienna.

By issuing this instrument, you can be sure to get your investment back.

Next to that:
The client is invited to open an account at
FT Asset Management online banking.

We will place the expected returns in that account.
For example, you invest 10 Million Euro and expect 12 Million Euro,
we will place 12 Million Euro in the new account, to be released in time.

You can be double sure of your investment.

Step 4

FT Asset Management to glow your investment.
We do that by buying products and selling them.

We are looking forward to discuss more details with you.
Feel free to contact us.

The next step?

To take the next step, you can download the contract or contact us at your convenience.

We are looking forward to working with you. 


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